In case we haven’t, my name is Hind AlKhatrash. I’m the founder of l e a p. I’ve been practicing aerial circus for two years until I decided it was time to share this passion with the world. My experience with the aerial arts has been very transformative both mentally and physically in reshaping the perception of myself and my attitude towards body movement and activity. There is so much to be discovered about ourselves hanging mid-air. Questions of self-trust, challenges of mental strength, and barriers of fears will all arise- and that is where I hope to be of some guidance.


     I am a certified aerial instructor with a background in sports and exercise psychology. I have been passionately working to develop and provide a comprehensive approach that combines the physical world of circus arts with more introspective qualities that connect the mind, body, and soul. I am excited to be embarking on this ongoing learning experience, and I hope you choose to journey with me.


      l e a p is a pioneering aerial circus studio based in Kuwait that centers on circus arts, specializing in aerial rope, aerial hoop, an aerial silks. l e a p's mission is to conquer the perceived obstacles of the mind and body and celebrate one’s limitless potential. Being a strictly bodyweight-only workout, members are challenged with no more than their physical being and are taught to explore and experiment with their body movement capacities.


     l e a p's learner-centered teaching approach maintains a low learner to teacher ratio and thus ensures quality instruction, safety, and recognition of each member’s abilities. Additionally, l e a p also aims to re-conceptualize attitudes towards physical fitness by doing away with competitiveness and instead promoting an inclusive and emboldening spirit that praises progress at every stage- everyone is special at our circus!


     l e a p is particularly devoted to nurturing positive outlooks on female strength, abilities, and body image. l e a p celebrates one’s limitless potential by overcoming challenges of the body and mind. It ultimately aspires to empower women to believe they are capable of more than they can imagine- thus, we strive to achieve nothing less than the impossible.

VERB /liːp/

Concise and comprehensive, the name l e a p was selected for its literal and figurative accuracy in describing the essence of circus arts. In the literal sense, it describes the ‘forceful jump’ or ‘quick movement’ involved in acrobatics. Meanwhile, it continues to retain the more significant figurative meaning of overcoming mental and physical obstacles by leaping over difficulties and trusting oneself enough to take a leap of faith.