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The l e a p x Masar Circus Flyers program is a collaborative project between l e a p and Masar Consultants catering to children with emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges. Under the guidance of Child & Family Psychologist Zaina Al-Zabin, the program is tailored to provide children with a therapeutic and recreational outlet through body movement exercises using aerial hoop and silks. 

Our one-hour sessions welcome girls and boys between the ages of 6 - 10 years old. It is suitable for children who have moderate to strong motor skills and is offered in a group class format (with a total of 4 students per class) in addition to a qualified class instructor and assistant.

Pricing: KD 12 per session.

Benefits of circus training include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Increased awareness and control of the mind and body

  • Increased sense of strength and mastery of the body

  • Increased self-esteem through successful practice

  • More balance and mobility

  • Helps increase focus and concentration

  • Building responsibility through equipment set-up, clean up, and individual safety

  • A focus on developing bilateral coordination

  • Confidence in aerial practice

Note to Parents: 

  • Kindly make sure your child in dressed in comfortable clothing with full length leggings (or cotton pants at the least).

  • Water is provided- but we recommend you pack your child healthy snacks for after class.

  • A "Calm Corner" is available for children who need to be temporarily isolated before returning to class. It is supplied with floor seating, fidget and soft toys, and a blanket.

  • To maximize your child's engagement in class, we kindly request parents to wait outside of the studio area until the end of class. You are welcome to wait in Skinny Fork's cafe area available upstairs.